The Limit of Quantum Shield Control of Radiation Hazard From Devices

Quantum Shield

A is a technological device that was made to regulate the effect of radiation hazards which are usually emitted from technological devices such as phones.laptops.television etc. On the other hand. radiation hazard is exposure to a large volume of radiation such as been close to an atomic bomb which can cause acute health issues such as skin burns, acute radiation syndrome, and in the long run cancer and cardiovascular disease. Some of the limits of quantum shield control of radiation are:

Quantum Shield Control

Long use of technical devices: Long use of radiation-emitting technical devices such as laptops, smartphones, and television, etc could reduce the effectiveness of the quantum shield of preventing the radiation hazard emitted from such devices from harming its users. It’s advisable to reduce the rate of using such radiation-emitting devices, so as to reduce one’s exposure to the radiation hazards in such devices.

Non-use of other personal protective equipment: In some circumstances making use of only a quantum shield, is not sufficient to prevent one from contracting various illnesses associated with radiation hazards. A good case study is someone working on a laptop for long hours of time, without adequate personal protective equipment such as an eyeglass to prevent ultra-radiation effects gotten from the screen of the laptop which could result in eye-related problems.

Keeping your devices on sensitive parts of your body: It is very unsafe to keep our devices on sensitive parts of our body even if we are not making use of them. Those sensitive parts of our body include our laps(especially for men), our chest, stomach, etc. These above-stated parts of the body are very sensitive and can easily be affected by radiation hazards emitted from does device even when the quantum shield is attached to such a device.

Working under the sun: Working under the sun for long hours in a day could result in one getting various forms of illness, which are caused by radiation hazards gotten from the sun. The sun is a great source of radiation hazard and its impact cannot be prevented by a quantum shield. So, therefore, the quantum shield is useless in such circumstances and cannot control the impact of the radiation hazard gotten from sunlight.

Using of technical devices in a dark environment: Making use of technical devices such as phones in a dark environment, causes the concentration of the lights from such technological devices to go directly into the eyes of the users. This is very harmful and could lead to various forms of eye illness such as cataract, night blindness, swollen eye, and in the long-run total blindness. All this could be prevented if such technological devices are used in an illuminated environment, even if a quantum shield is attached to a device.


These are some of the reasons why a quantum shield cannot prevent someone from been harmed by radiation hazards even when they are attached to your device.