Victoria Monét – “Ass Like That”

Victoria Monét – “Ass Like That”

– “Ass Like That”

Having lent her DNA all over Arian Grande’s blueprints over the past year and change, returns with her first solo offering in over a year: “Ass Like That.”

“[It’s] an empowering song,” Monét says. “I had goals I wanted to accomplish in the gym — not just for the look, but also for new personal challenges to overcome daily, for discipline and for the health of the only true home I’ll have forever. I know with gym work comes comments about my body or suggestions like ‘don’t get too buff,’ but I’m not afraid of being strong. I wanted to be strong enough to talk about my own body the way men do in many rap songs. I reserve and deserve the right to talk about it, with or without the world’s approval, because they never asked for mine. They never ask for ours. I hope this song inspires more women to feel good about the personal goals they set out to achieve and talk about them how they please. Let this song be one of many on the soundtrack to that journey.”


Check out the lyrics video below.


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